Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist 003

Wednesday Wishlist 003

Hey guys! Majorly sorry for my lack of posting again this week, I promise I'll try harder! Going to attempt my first ever outfit post tomorrow so fingers crossed it turns out okay.. I'm on a bit of a spending ban right now as I am a very poor student. But if I could flash the cash this is what I'd be buying -

1.Lip Stick in Coy - £7, Topshop
I am a sucker for pink lipstick and although I already own quite a few, I still have my eye on this. I'm really intrigued by Topshop's make-up range and I still haven't tried anything from their range yet (I know it's ridiculous!). It seems quite overpriced in typical Topshop fashion. Has anybody tried it? Is it worth the pricetag?

2.Kansas Platform Heels - £65, Office
I don't usually shop in Office but I've been dreaming about these since I saw them in last month's Company.  They're kind of like a Summer time version of my current favourite pair of heels.

3.Loose Knit Vest - £7.99, H&M
I think this vest would hang really nicely as it's knitted and I love a bit of orange for Summer, it always looks great with a tan!

4.Silk Shorts - £34.99, Marni for H&M
I think these shorts were definitely my favourite piece from the Marni for H&M collection. Unfortunately they're sold out in this print, booo!

5.Gold Tone Peace Sign Hoop Earrings - £5, River Island
I reallllly need to re-pierce my ears and wear earrings more often! And you can never have too much CND shaped jewellery, right?


Stylish By Nature said...

Great picks !!

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Stefany said...

Love these :) x

LoveT. said...

Love the Shoes ♡ :)

Lovely Greetings from Vienna!