Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist 002

Wednesday Wishlist 002

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been totally absent for a whole week, had planned to post over the weekend but ended up having a mega busy one.  I will start posting on a more regular basis now though and I'm buying a tripod for my camera tomorrow so outfit posts are on their way.  Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on my blog so far and big love to my first ever follower! Soo pleased :) Also you can now follow me via blog lovin.
Anyway, here are things I desperately need to get my hands on this week-

1.Leopard Shirt with Applique Collar - £29.99, Zara
This shirt is featured on the home page of Zara's website and it caught my eye straight away.  The image didn't translate too well onto Polyvore but the print is so unusual and the collar is really cute.  It's definitely a future purchase.

2.Silver Tone Knuckle Ring Set - £8, River Island
River Island and some really cute, affordable rings at the moment and I think this set is one of favourites.  I really like the idea of knuckle rings but unfortunately they've sold out of the M/L size online. So looks like I'll have to have a rake around in store instead, damn my sausage fingers. :(

3.Floral Print Ankle Length Trousers - £12.99, H&M
Seen a few people rocking patterned trousers recently and I really like this pair but the thought of wearing something so bright on my legs majorly gives me the fear! They're probably something I'd buy and love to death but never actually wear because they are so far out of my comfort zone.  You never know though, I may try them on next time I'm in H&M and be completely converted.

4.Asos Keyhole Sunglasses - £12, Asos
Love the colour of these sunglasses and it's been soo bright recently I think I may have to invest.

5.Micil Velveteen Cat Face Pumps - £23.99, Missguided
I am just in love with these little beauties!  Some people might think they take the 'crazy cat lady' thing to a whole other level but personally, I think they are adorable.  Who wouldn't want two cute little cats staring up at you while you walk...?

p.s Not too sure why this weeks Wednesday Wishlist is slightly off kilter and smaller in size than last week, Polyvore is a mystery to me!

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