Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday Wishlist 004

Wednesday Wishlist 004

Hey guys! I've been mega, mega busy recently! I recently turned 21, which was depressing and fun in equal parts. Things are settling down a bit now though so I can't wait to get blogging. If I had unlimited funds, this is what I'd be buying this week..

1. Cream Triangle Necklace - £8.50, Miss Selfridge
I love these drawstring/pulley/wild wild west cowboy style necklaces! As much as I love ones with horses and bulls on them I think they can look a bit too costumey so this simple triangle one is perfect.

2. Aztec Print Shopper - £15, Miss Selfridge
I don't have any big shopper style bags. I love aztec print, especially with orange highlights. This has been reduced from £30 to £15 - half price! Those are going to be my three justifications to myself when I purchase this gorgeous bag.

3. MOTO Acid Supersoft Leigh Jeans - £38, Topshop
I recently purchased my first ever pair of Leigh jeans from Topshop and it's love. So now I have my eye on these acid wash ones (as well as pretty much every other style of Leighs).

4. Soft Harrington Jacket - £48, Topshop
In Winter I majorly struggle to find any coats or jackets that I like but I have a zillion summer jackets on my wishlist right now. Yes, a zillion. Top of the list is this beauty.

5. Light Brown Fringe Ankle Boots - £60, River Island
I regularly trawl ebay looking for moccasin ankle boots but I never have any success. So I was literally overjoyed to come across across this amazing pair on River Island's website the other day. The only thing holding me back is the price tag..i think I need to see them in the flesh before I cough up the cash. Which gives me an excuse for a shopping trip! :) 

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